Series of paintings

«The Prosperity of the Divine Mother» 


Abundance encompasses love, wisdom, talents and virtues, as well as material goods; it includes everything that we need in order to fulfill our Divine Plan on Earth. The energy of God should come to us without obstacles, and bring about transformation and wellbeing as it passes through our hands.
If man desires to find prosperity, wealth and happiness and tap into the creativity of life, he needs to completely trust his Greater Ego, remain in constant harmony with it, communicate with it as with best friend, entrust it with all of his plans, and allow it to take dominion over his world. To merge with heart of Father-Mother God is to find happiness, joy, serenity, wisdom, strength and wealth.

"Divine abundance"


    In the current age, a lot of growth in technology can be observed in the world. This is evidence for the fact that humanity is on the threshold of a new Golden Age of prosperity.

     In order for the eternal Golden Age to begin upon Earth, humanity needs to develop and individuals must strive towards a more prosperous, abundant and blessed way of life for all, which is the way that God has always intended life to be.

   In the Bible, the apostle JOHN writes, “beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth” (3 JOHN, 2)

"Gold showering"


We must understand that we are not poor, or beggars, but rather Sons and Daughters of God, and that in virtue thereof we are entitled to the good that He desires to gives to us through the generous hands of Mother of the World.

Prosperity is needed so that as much time as possible is available for spiritual work.




   Mother Mary, in her office in Cosmic Hierarchy, serves on the Emerald Ray of Truth and Prosperity.

     She can be asked for help to free you from negative energies, fears, doubts and uncertainties, which can act as blocks to your prosperity.


"Fortuna, Goddess of Supply"


   The Cosmic Being Fortuna helps to materialize wealth to those who call to her and invoke her golden-green flame of abundance.

   Man cannot achieve anything, unless he mobilizes his will to victory. He must understand that his will, charged by the divine will, ought to bring him what he desires.

    If he is lazy and fails to surrender to divine will, and to offer to do everything for God, he will have little success in obtaining results.

"Divine rain of prosperity"


   The golden rain of divine prosperity shines down continuously upon the world.

   Our divine Father and Mother want their children to know no need and to live an abundant life.

   It is necessary to open oneself to the Light, and to develop a mindset of prosperity, as well as to believe in one’s inheritance as beloved children of God, entitled to his riches.


"The Gift of Prosperity"


   God wishes his Sons and Daughters to be creators, anchoring his thoughtforms in the physical plane until they come to life. This takes willpower, but it is important to recognize that “with God, all things are possible.” God is prosperous, and his children need to understand this, and pull down his abundance into the world.

   However, if man seeks to take from the divine treasury more than he needs to meet his everyday needs and to fulfil his part of the Divine Plan, he will create Karma, which will have an impact on his next incarnation.

   If one is given large amounts of money, far in excess of what is needed for oneself, such money ought to be spent in service to one’s fellowmen, or to provide for children and the needy.

    The law of God states that the more we give with love, the more we will receive in return.


Description of the paintings is based on the Ascended Master Teachings as delivered through the messengers of the Great White Brotherhood, Mark L. Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet.