Series of paintings   «Angels»  


Man is not left alone in this world, as God has created for him devoted and loving helpers in the guise of angels.  They came from the Heart of the Creator specifically to serve people, and through angels the relationship between man and God is perfected. 

According to the law of octaves, angels do not have a right to interfere in the world of men until they are called upon to help.  They are waiting for our prayers and decrees to help us personally and all those who are in need of assistance and strengthening.  They can be sent to resolve all the urgent problems of mankind.  Man, if he wants to find grace in his world, must learn to love the angelic hosts.  We can communicate with them as with our best friends, trusting them with all of our thoughts and desires.  They will prompt us how to solve any problem or task. It is not uncommon for ideas about how to deal with some particular problem to come to an individual following prayer, and this is often through the intercession of angels.  


  «Long-awaited meeting»


Angels are called to be the messengers of God, bearing His Word to man.  They are the bridge between God and man.  Through angels the Almighty shows us His love.

If people invite them into their lives, they come and help in resolving difficult family issues and many other sorts of problems.  For whatever burden may lie on the heart of man, angels will facilitate a solution. They will do everything they are asked to do, as long as it is in accordance with the laws of God.  When they learn to trust angels, people will be able to pass all of the trials of life. Every time we send God our sincere and heartfelt prayers or sing songs of praise to Him, angels are allowed to take away from our bodies and auras some part of the burdens that we bear.  Angel wings, which have been seen by many saints, are a powerful radiation of their auras. 




«Lord Michael»


 Archangel Michael is the Prince of the Archangels and of the angelic hosts. He serves on the blue ray of protection, faith, and dedication to the will of God.  Since ancient times, he has been known as a defender of the faith and an angel of liberation.  His name means "He who is like GOD." 

Hosts of the Lord led by Archangel Michael descend into the depths of hell every day, where, with the help of the blue flame, they release people who gravitated there after physical death and are unable to rise to higher octaves of Light because of the weight of their sins and binding habits. 

When descending into the depths of hell and the astral plane, Archangel Michael and his angels wear crystalline helmets of light substance that is harder than diamond and impervious to the energy of darkness.

People should learn from them and put on their tube of light in the early morning.




«Angels of Faith and Power»


Legions of Blue Ray Angels lead by Archangel Michael and Faith serve of humanity by providing safety, security and protection on the Way of God's Will for many thousands of years. 

Archangel Michael, Archaei Faith and angels of the Blue Flame can provide us with the spiritual gifts of freedom from fear and self-doubt, the strengthening of faith, and the improvement of the soul.  They will provide practical assistance to all who ask for it and will protect souls from physical and spiritual danger, including vehicle accidents, burglaries, mental and physical attacks; possessing demons and the dense auras of individuals with whom they may come into contact. 

Angels of faith and power inspire all who serve on the Blue Ray, including statesmen, organizers, leaders, speakers, researchers, commanders and guards.  They can be asked for assistance in improving public administration.




«Angels of Wisdom»


Many of the ideas that come to people originate from the Angels of wisdom.  These angels can release the soul from ignorance, bestow inspiration, help it to better perceive information, improve its mental abilities and relieve it from pride and limited thinking. 

The legions of the wisdom ray are led by Archangel Jophiel and Archaei Christine, the archangels of the Yellow Ray who teach us how to communicate with the Higher Self. 

The wisdom angels provide inspiration to everyone who serves on the yellow ray, including teachers, philosophers, writers and psychologists.  We can also ask them to expose all the wrong actions of individuals, communities and governments, as well as to help in the fight against the pollution of the environment.  Air pollution and nicotine make the action of the Golden Flame of illumination ineffective in the brain and consciousness and thereby hinder the connection of the soul with the Higher Self.  The angels of wisdom can help us get rid of addictions to nicotine and other harmful habits.




«Angels of love»


The angels of love of the pink ray serve under Archangel Chamuel and Archaea Charity, who teach the soul to development of mercy, compassion, forgiveness, attention and care for others.  They also assist us to develop tolerance, patience, kindness, unity, brotherhood, tact, diplomacy, and beauty as well as help us to strengthen the flame of love in the heart. 

We can ask them for aid in overcoming selfishness, discontent, self-judgment and lack of self-esteem, as well as to find genuine friendship and love.  They assist in the improvement of inter-ethnic and interracial relations. 

The angels of love give inspiration to all who serve on the Rose Ray, including cultural workers, artists, poets, barbers, cosmetologists, and all servants of Beauty.  They teach the correct use of the creative forces and help the soul to develop its ability to be creative.  They also help in the implementation of plans for one’s family, business, church, or other forms of fellowship between people and can assist in finding a job or to locate lost items. 




«Angels of Purity»


The angels of the white ray of purity serve under Archangel Gabriel and Archaei Hope to help people to fulfill their vocation, and to understand their divine plan, which their Holy Christ Self and the Council of Higher Spiritual Beings in Heaven has layed down for their souls.  One of their tasks is to help the individual find others who can assist in the implementation of their divine plan and to bring forth the necessary resources for its implementation.  They instruct souls on following the right path and to overcome their insecurities and hesitations as well as help them to develop discipline and a sense of order.  They may be asked to provide practical assistance in the organization of one’s emotional, mental and physical environment, and how to adapt to and embrace new trends and developments in one’s field of study, work or creative endeavor. 

The angels of purity give inspiration to all who serve on the white ray, including mathematicians, architects, sculptors, planners, engineers, builders, and all those who are devoted to perfection and order in any enterprise.  They are also concerned with alleviating the circumstances of victims of natural disasters and in assisting the hungry and sick.  You can also approach them for assistance in peacekeeping.



Healing and Truth»


Angels of the emerald ray of truth and healing serve under Archangel Raphael and Mother Mary. 

They help the soul to maintain its vision, spiritual insight, inspiration, integrity and sense of truth.  They also assist in the healing of body, mind, soul and spirit and in the meeting of one’s physical needs, such as those of food and shelter.  For the treatment of disease,

Archangel Raphael and Mother Mary have advised us to pray to the angels and to envision the emerald healing light of God filling the diseased organ and whole body. They also advise us to call upon the violet flame to transmute the cause and core of the disease. We must always request the angels to administer the will of God, rather than our own will.  We can ask Archangel Raphael, Mother Mary and the angels of healing for the improvement of international relations, the healing of the wounded on battlefields, and inspiration for the development of new cures and methods to remedy disease.  They give inspiration to all who serve on the Emerald Ray, including healers of traditional and alternative medicine, doctors, scientists, musicians, mathematicians, and merchants, as well as all who have dedicated themselves to the truth




«Angels of Peace»


The angels that serve on lilac and gold ray of peace and ministry help us to find peace of mind and soul as well as new hope. 

Archangel Uriel and Archaei Aurora serve as the hierarchs of these angels. We can approach them for assistance in establishing peace in one’s family, and overcoming our vulnerability to elements of anger and fear in our psyche.  They help individuals to let go of old grudges and transmute feelings of helplessness, as well as to solve problems in personal, social and professional relationships and create a harmonious environment that is conducive to creativity and personal growth. 

The angels of peace send inspiration to all who serve on the lilac and gold ray, including judges, lawyers, translators, sisters of mercy, shelter workers, nurses, teachers, social workers and ministers and everyone who is dedicated to addressing human needs. 

Archangel Uriel, Archaei Aurora and the angels who serve under them help in the manifestation of divine justice in courtrooms and international relations and in the restoration of peace, brotherhood and mutual understanding between communities and nations.  They can be requested to bring an immediate infusion of light into any and all points of tension on the planet.



«Angels of Joy and Freedom»


Happiness, joy, forgiveness, justice, charity, and freedom from painful memories are delivered to people by angels serving on the violet ray under the guidance of Archangel Zadkiel and Holy Amethyst. 

When a person calls to these angels to help transmute negative qualities in himself, the angels gather around him and direct through his body and arc of the violet ray. This flame permeates his being and burns up and consumes negative conditions.  The violet flame can prevent the disasters that have been foretold by the prophets. 

These warriors of the Spirit are truly able to change any negative condition on the planet.  The angels of joy and freedom can be asked for inspiration for constructive dialogue and the creation of just laws, regulations, policies, trade agreements and peace settlements. They are also adept at dissolving the memories of international and inter-ethnic conflicts and differences. 

The angels of freedom give inspiration to all who serve on the purple ray, including diplomats, priests of the Sacred Fire, defenders of freedom, clergy, designers, actors and performers of music.






The Seraphim are powerful fiery angels that form auras of concentric rings around the Great Central Sun, the abiding place of the Lord. 

The prophet Isaiah described them as having six wings. 

They focus the flame of purity at the altar of God and bring Light that they step down to make it accessible to the evolutions of Earth. They help to increase the flame of devotion in the servants of God - priests, prophets and messengers – helping them and all people attain redemption and purification. 

The head of the order of the seraphim is Justinius, captain of the seraphic bands.  Seraphim can help the soul prepare to fulfill the mission of life and take every day steps towards its implementation.  We can ask them for the healing of loved ones, ourselves and the planet as a whole. 

The Seraphim have the ability to penetrate into the densest levels of human consciousness and immediately dissolve the impure substance. They can absorb the toxins of body, mind and emotions and carry these to the central sun for dissolution.  The Seraphim give the highest initiations to candidates for the ascension. 






Keepers of the divine glory, the Cherubim serve at the Throne of God in the Great Central Sun.  The prophet Ezekiel depicted them as creatures with four wings and four faces. 

 Cherubim carry the sword of the Ruby Ray and the flame of the Holy Spirit. They also guard the Flame of Love. 

Fire Cherubim, focusing the flame of purity, elevate the human mind to the Mind of God, so that man might be able to accept the ideas of God and to be a co-creator with Him on the Earth.   



Description of paintings prepared through the Teaching of ascended Masters by Mark L. Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet.