Series of paintings «Children of the Heaven»


The Earth is on the brink of the Golden Age, the age of the prosperity, abundance and culture that have been foretold by the prophets. To create such a culture, God sends lightbearers to Earth. Many of the children who are now being born on planet Earth are highly developed souls, capable of raising our civilization to a higher level.



«Take a child from heaven»


The Divine Mother accompanies every child of God who goes to an embodiment on Earth. These souls dream of finding the earthly father and mother. They hope to develop their talents and serve humanity. But not everyone succeeds because of abortions.

The heart of the Divine Mother is torn from pain, seeing the suffering of these holy innocents.




«Take a child from heaven»

(detail of the painting)  

Each soul comes to the Earth to fulfill its mission, and so abortion prevents the execution of both the spiritual and the physical destiny of the soul.

Such a terrible crime against the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven by God, if humanity is not redeemed through devotional service to children in every phase of their lives.

It is very important to convince mothers and fathers to welcome their children with joy, and with gratitude to GOD for giving them to them.



«I am coming, mother» 

     In our time, many souls are not able to reincarnate because of abortion.

    When Jesus was due to be born on Earth, King Herod ordered the killing of all male babies. Modern-day Herods similarly don't want to see the appearance of Children of the Light on Earth. They have convinced people that they have the right to kill their unborn children.

    Abortion is in defiance of the laws of God, since it is the murder of the God-potential of life.



«Earth, take me» 

   Souls of the light now coming to Earth are in need of our protection.

  It is necessary to pray for the children coming in this dark period of world history, when many are threatened even before they are born by abortion. It is very important that people realize that Abortion is murder.



«It's me» 

     If before the conception of a baby, the mother and father will pray and make calls for the opportunity to bring a luminous soul to the world, God can and will help them.

      It is necessary that they abandon certain bad habits, like taking in toxic substances such as alcohol, nicotine, sugar and drugs (which includes chocolate and caffeine). Parents also need to learn to live in harmony with their Higher Selves and with the world.



   It is important to pray for incoming children! In our prayers, it is desirable to ask that the light of the Diamond Heart of Mother Mary be projected around the father and mother. It is necessary to protect the Holy Innocents coming into incarnation on Earth.

  In answer to our prayer, angels seal the house of parents with a clean white light and the emerald ray.

  In this way we will precipitate the abundance of the Divine Mother to protect the holy children, to give them a good education and everything that they need to fulfill their mission in this world. 



«On angel's wings» 

     Kids remember God because they are so recently arrived into this world. They can still look through the veil into their former houses of light, located in the etheric octaves.

    Children communicate with angels from the interior of the sphere, from which they descended into the world of form.  The inner world is so real to them that they do not talk about it, because they think that everybody else must also perceive it.

     It is important to nurture this responsivity of children and their sense of closeness to God through contact with the Angels.


«Under angel's protection» 

    Young children can see angels and tiny elementals that are often their companions in play. We should relate to the very sensitive nature of the inner experiences of kids.

Because of adults' ignorance and their rude remarks, the subtle vision of children is often discouraged, whereas they should be encouraged to communicate with angels.

    If there is no attention paid to the inner development of children from the first days of their lives, three or four years after coming into incarnation they will lose this ability to see through the eyes of their soul that which is hidden behind the veil.


«On the glade»          

     Whether or not children of light will be able to fulfil their mission largely depends on who they meet and how they are protected, supported and guided.

     Will these children develop their talents or will those talents be lost due to the negligence of peoplemaround them? The initial growth period of up to seven years is the most creative time for all souls. In this period of life deep patterns are formed. Internal development must occur in parallel with external development.




     The soul begins to develop in the womb, and from the moment of birth it is actively learning from the world.

    Maria Montessori said: "Mental Development does not begin in school, but at birth, and is most intensive in the first three years of life. During this initial period, more so than in any other, children need to be encircled with protection". It is therefore necessary to revise the methods of children’s education.



«Holy innocence» 

  In order to enable the souls of the light now coming to Earth to realize their great potential, we need to give them a lot of attention, especially in the first months and years of their lives. It is not just the physical that needs attention, but also the development of the soul.

  It is necessary that the keys of consciousness be available for children in their earliest years. They need a lot of attention for the development of the spiritual centers called chakras.

  If this development is neglected, the missing cycles may be irretrievably lost, as explained in the Teachings of the Ascended Masters as recorded by the Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet.



«Happiness of communication» 

    In the first three years of their lives, children live in two worlds. They are looking through the eyes of the soul.

    Parents and caregivers should try not to blunt their subtle perception. It is necessary to teach them to pray at the earliest age.



   Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven "(Matt. 18: 3). In other words, if we wish to enter into the kingdom of heaven, we must attain to the sincerity, purity, joy and faith of a little child.



 Description of paintings  prepared through the Teaching of ascended Masters by

Mark L. Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet.