Series of painting«Godmother» 






The Love between husband and wife is the basis of the Age of Aquarius.

It is necessary to protect the family, because it functions as a force field of love for the Earth. The family is one of the basic elements in the building of the future Golden Age.

Joseph and Mary, the parents of Jesus, were an example of the union of kindred spirits. They teamed up to carry out their great mission to give birth to Jesus and bring him up in the ways of God.






Mother Mary cherishes in her heart every child sent into incarnation on Earth. She encourages people to accept all children as sent by God and not to break off their lives through abortion.






This picture of Mother Mary with a baby symbolizes the Divine Mother and the human soul - a little child that is destined to become the Christ.

If a person trustingly put his hand into the hand of the Eternal Mother like a small child, she will mold his soul in conformity with the divine model, and lift it to connect with the light of God the Father.






The Virgin Mary gave the birth to Jesus Christ, the incarnate Son of God, cherished him in her heart, and guided him.Holy Mary, the mother of all children, was sent to Earth by God.






In the current age there are many souls embodied on Earth who have great spiritual potential. In their hearts their burns the spark that is a flame of light from the heart of the Creator.

Every mother can enter into the role of the Divine Mother, because through the threefold flame burning in her heart God's child realizes his opportunity to become the Son of God.





The Divine Mother is the source of all life. She put the soul into the four lower bodies and guides it through the world of Matter according to the blueprint of held in the world of Spirit.

In order to impart a spirit of creativity she provides the parting words from heaven: «Come, my child, I make all things new. You are the manifestation of God on the Earth. Create beauty in consonance with Christ. Through gratitude and creativity, bring to flourish the best spiritual culture of the eternal Golden Age and make manifest the Kingdom of the Father in the world of form».

 Descriptions of the paintings is based on the Ascended Master Teachings as delivered through the messengers of the Great White Brotherhood, Mark L. Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet