Series of paintings  «Holy Son» 





Having created man, God placed in his heart a part of Himself – a spark of Light.

The threefold Flame of Life has three plumes - pink, yellow and blue. The pink plume is on the right, the yellow in the center, the blue on the left. At the core of the heart is the white light of the Mother.

Through the blue plume God expresses his power (Father aspect).

Through the yellow plume he manifests his wisdom (Son aspect).

Through the pink plume he manifest his love (Holy Spirit aspect).

So, we see that the Father, Mother, Son and Holy Spirit aspects of God manifest in the human heart. 

Establishing a link with the divine spark within the heart, man begins to understand that it is necessary to keep this flame kindled, and to expand and strengthen it. The individual that nurtures the flame of life in his heart draws near to God. As it says in the Bible, «draw near unto me and I will draw near unto you.»

When a person is united with his flaming heart, he becomes one with the essence of all life manifesting in infinite worlds. As he gradually identifies with the flame, man becomes a God-Free Being. He no longer feels like a mortal, because only the body is mortal, while the Flame is immortal Spirit.





God appears on the altar of the heart as a spark of light - the threefold Flame of Love, Wisdom and Power.

Gradually, thanks to the balancing of the Flame, the individual becomes aware of the presence of his Holy Christ Self (Higher Self) in the heart as his own personalized mediator between the soul and God.  Without the help of the Mediator, the soul is unable to fulfill her mission.

In the Scriptures he is called the Son of Man, who contemplates  the face of the Father and descended from God to save lost souls.  In the Scripture he is described as the "inner man" (Romans 7: 22; Ephesians 3: 16) and the “hidden man of the heart" (1 Pet.3: 4).

Calling upon and assimilating the light of the Holy Christ Self, man becomes as a chalice of Light and can pass it as a cup of mercy to suffering humanity, until they similarly rise in consciousness.





The artist gets inspiration if he trusts his heart and his brush to the Higher Self, saying, «I am nothing, you are everything! I am your hands, guide my art.» Only in this sort of way are true masterpieces created. Truly, the Great Artist, the Holy Christ Self (Higher Self of man) is the creator, and anybody working in any field can be his tool. The Great Artist wants to work through us, and he desires to bring before the eyes of the people the true, heavenly patterns that can be expressed in any type of creative service to which we may feel called.

The Way of High Creativity is the path to Freedom.  Thanks to the creativity, as inspired by the Higher Self, man can elevate his soul to the level of Christ, and thereby balance and expand the Threefold Flame.

 The balanced and expanded Flame in the hearts of the people will be the foundation for the coming

Golden Age.





Twin flame are two halves of a whole. They share the same inner blueprint.  They are created for a unique mission that they are destined to perform in the unity of their hearts.

The coming together of twin flames can give rise to a great spiritual force of co-creativity. They can illuminate the whole city by their mutual love and hold the balance for karma. Ideally, twin flame should form an integral unit both on Earth and in Heaven.

Unfortunately, twin flames can be separated due to heavy karma that has been created over the centuries. But one ought not to be upset if the time is not ripe for a meeting with one’s twin flame on the physical plane. Despite the fact that souls may currently be apart, at inner levels they make up one whole.

By Love one can dissolve the karmic energy that stands in the way of union with one’s twin flame. You need to direct your love to him or her, wherever he or she may be in heaven or on the earth and strive daily to release one’s twin flame by the power of the light of your heart.





Once in a person's life there comes a moment when he realizes that human desires and feelings lead to suffering, and that the more he is concerned about worldly achievements, the more difficult it will be to find joy.

The individual then begins to realize that he is a part of God, and that nothing material can permanently satisfy to him. When a man devotes himself to achieving unity with God, joy and grace will come to him.






Man begins to search for the shortest path of union with God and through his calls he draws the helping hand from heavenly heights. In the twentieth century, mankind has been given the great gift of the Violet Flame.

It is truly a means of acceleration and the violet flame is the fire of the greatest yogis.  Called the Holy Fire, it can dissolve all dense substance between the atoms and electrons in one’s body, accelerating the action of electrons and restoring vitality.  This process is called «transmutation,» which implies a change for the better.

 Students who have followed this path become Agni yogis and practice the «Teaching of Living Ethics.»






When a person balances the Threefold Flame in his heart through the Holy Christ Self , it begins to rotate and increase in size. The three petals of the Flame (pink, blue and yellow) merge together to form a pearlescent flame (the flame of Resurrection). This is a very beautiful white Flame, blazing pink, blue and yellow sparks.

Purified by the Flame of Resurrection, the soul becomes able to hold more light and impart greater light to the Earth. In this way the soul is resurrected from mortal life, and begins to commune with God, while being still in the material world.

Following this comes the realization that there is no death, but only Eternal life.

 A person is no longer aware of himself being of flesh and blood. Rather, he sees himself as a free soul, even while temporarily wearing a material body. As such, he can realize his potential to be a co-creator with the Almighty in the planes of matter. This is the essence of the resurrection in the Spirit, as taught by the Secret Doctrine, in contrast to the dogmatic teaching of the resurrection of the body. 




«Call of the Home Star»


At a certain point in his development man begins to feel in his heart an aching of isolation from the home of Father-Mother God. Constantly feeling the presence of God and Divine Grace, he once again hears the call of his Mother Star.

This Father-Mother God called him to return to his eternal home, which is the Great Central Sun.

«Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End» (Revelation 22:13)  The soul, endowed with free will, went forth from the Central Sun in the beginning to be a continuation of God in the material world, and to learn to be a co-creator with Him. This is the Divine Plan for every soul, and by doing this the soul can return to her roots.

When the call becomes louder, a person begins to look for the way to the house of light. Then he sets off on the Path of initiation.




«TRANSFIGURATION» (left part of triptych)


Jesus showed men the Way through his life and example. Through the example of His life, he showed us the steps of ascent to God through discipleship, illumination, transfiguration, crucifixion on the cross of Matter, resurrection and the ascension. These stages are the initiations on the Path which his devotees must walk.

When a person balances his discordant energies by sacrificial service to God and humanity, prayer, fasting and calls uttered for the liberation of humanity and his own soul,he will learn his spiritual lessons, master the art of selflessness, and realize the potential of his soul .

An enlightened person begins to present himself in the Light of reality, replacing his human mind by the Mind of God.  Through such steps he comes to the ritual of transformation, which is known as a changing of one’s garments. The soul puts off the veils of death and puts on the seamless Garment of Christ.

In this way the soul itself creates the image of God within itself and expresses this in the world. «And as we have borne the image of the earthy, we shall also bear the image of the heavenly» (1 Cor. 15:49). The soul is transformed into the Divine Image, which is the Image of Christ.




RESURRECTION» (right part of triptych)


Jesus was the Messiah, he brought us the message of salvation and pointed the way to the House of Father-Mother God through the path of transformation, resurrection and the ascension.

We have to leave our nets and follow Christ. We need to crucify all that is vile in ourselves and wash away all sins by the Light of God. When we are free from unreasonable desires, we will be able to pass all tests on the ways and, following in the footsteps of Jesus and the other Ascended Masters, return to the Heart of God.

The resurrection flame covers the soul and enfolds each cell and atom of the four lower bodies, clearing them from the miasma of death substances - poisons and toxins in the physical body, stupidity and rigidity of the lower mental body (mind), mortal desires and emotions, and the consciousness of death and hell itself.

When one moves in the world in a resurrected body, one anchors the reviving energy of God, and thereby helps to lighten and clear the world around oneself.




«ASCENSION» (middle part of triptych)


Before an individual ascends, the Threefold Flame starts to rotate in his heart with increasing speed, forming a spiral that covers his entire form. By completely absorbing this light, he returns to the Heart of God.

When the soul is being filled with light, the gravitational field of the Earth ceases to act on it.  The soul is no longer in need of the physical body and goes beyond the limits of time and space.

The state which a person enters by passing through the ascension is eternal life in the kingdom of God - the state of bliss beyond time and space.   This is another form of existence, in which one experiences complete freedom and enters into the limitless possibilities for new service to God and humanity in the higher planes and his radiant Spiritual Body.

 This is the reward to which Jesus alluded when he promised that «him that overcometh will I make a pillar in the temple of my God, and he shall go no more out.» (Rev. 3:12).

 The ascenson is promised to all the sons and daughters of God who follow in the footsteps of Jesus.






  Descriptions of the paintings is based on the Ascended Master Teachings as delivered through the messengers of the Great White Brotherhood, Mark L. Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet.