Series of paintings    « Mother of the world»



«Age of the Divine Mother»


The Earth has entered a new epoch of freedom and is moving towards a new Golden Age.

In this period of time, humanity will need to learn to experience and express a greater measure of the Mother aspect of God. With greater understanding of this Aspect of the deity, the feminine qualities of God, which include intuition, inspiration, creativity and beauty, will be able to blossom more fully in individuals and in society.





«Light's Triumph»


 In years past, religious attitudes about worship tended to focus on the worship of God as Father. With the current shift into the Cosmic Cycle of the Aquarian Age, people are beginning to approach God more as both Father and Mother – Alpha and Omega.




«The greatness and joy of life»


God as Father anchors divine Spirit, while God as Mother anchors Matter, which is ultimately an expression of the feminine Aspect.





 «With the Holy Spirit»



Upon the highest summit stands effulgent the Mother of the World. She came form to smite the darkness. Why are the enemies fallen? And whither do they turn their eyes in desperation? She has cloaked Herself in a fiery mantle and encircled Herself in a fiery wall. She is pur citadel and our striving. The Mountain of the Mother extends from the earth to the Heavens!


«Mother of the World» (New Yoric: Agni Yoga Society, 1956) 




«The Light of the Cosmic Virgin»


The Cosmic Virgin is a guide for the children of God along the path of reunion with their divine Father-Mother.
The light of the Mother breaks through clouds, pierces through branches and accentuates the purity and gaiety of life in all of nature. In the Solace of our hearts we can tap into and expand our devotion to her heart.




«The Eternal Mother»

      The eternal Mother  lives in our sacred dreams. She comes closer to us when we devote ourselves to her heart.




«The Light of the Life»


The Mother of the World protects all of the world’s civilizations, and her presence is felt in all spheres of daily life, such as technology, the economy, science and art.

The feminine aspect of God has different names in different cultures. Some of these include: Aditi in the Vedas, Akasha in Pagan belief systems, Isis in Egyptian Mythology, Nerfa for the Etruscans, Bitos in Gnosticism, and Guanyin in East Asia. Mother Mary embodies the Divine Mother and the feminine aspect of God, and is known as the immaculate virgin in virtue of the depth and purity of her devotion to the Mother Ray.



  «The Wife clothed with the Sun»



The Mother of the World  reigns over all of the Physical Universe, filing it with divine inspiration and charging the cosmos with the essence of the Holy Spirit.
      She is known as the Wife, and as the women dressed with the Sun.




«Bringing the cup of Sacred Fire»



All of the boundless space of the Universe is part of the physical manifestation of God as Mother.
      In the Physical Cosmos, the Mother of the World bears the energy of the Holy Spirit and focuses the energy of the Holy Trinity – love, wisdom and power.




«The Starry Mother»


Having created four lower bodies for the soul, the Eternal Mother catalyzes the soul’s transition from its birth in Spirit to its sojourn in the matter-planes of the Physical Universe, where it can begin to realize its creative potential and fulfil its destiny.



«Сross of Light»


 The Divine Mother is the source of all life and all being. She has given the impetus to the creation of all that is, holds the immaculate conception of each Son and Daughter of God, ignites and sustains the Threefold flame in each one’s heart, and  is present in the temple through the Kundalini Fire.



«Mother of the World»


The Mother of the World no longer hides her face as we begin to enter the Age of Aquarius, which is the Age of the Mother and of the Holy Spirit.
The Culture of the Divine Mother existed in past Golden Age civilizations on the lost continents of Atlantis and Lemuria.
The time has come to separate ourselves from the mass-consciousness, and to restore the true culture of the Mother on Earth.



«Under the Mother’s Protection»

The Holy Mother protects the Earth and her children from the unholy seed of the fallen angels.




«The Crown of the Mother»


The worship of the Divine Mother lies at the foundation of all major world religions.
Each of these major world religions are like gemstones in her Crown.




«Happiness of the world»


The Divine Mother smiles upon all of her children with a delicate smile. She gives forgiveness and with her love all of human sins disappear. Only by taking Holy Mother into their hearts can humans come to harmony with Father God.




«Shining Divine Mother»


The Divine Mother charges her Love into the world, but not everybody is aware of it. The stream of endless Love only flows in a full and unobstructed manner into the lives of those whose hearts are pure and open. 




«Worship of the Divine Mother»


 The saints are those who send their love to God as Mother and who open their hearts as a chalice for her Love, and these cannot fail to experience the bliss of divine communion. No worldly pleasures or treasures can compare to the grace of this divine interchange.



«The Coming of the mother into the World»


The Mother of the World walks the Earth.
She searches for her children, and attempts to save them from their burdens and lead them in their return to the heart of the Father. The Mother comes at the end of cycles in order to judge the seed of darkness, protect the Earth from the abominations of the Fallen Angels, give prophecies and guidance to the children of God, implore people to rethink their lives and awaken to the need to take responsibility for the karma that they have accumulated over the years.




«The Way to Heaven»


Through the Divine Mother the soul came into the world, and only through her can it return back to the Father.

The Mother of the World guides her children upon the path of the Ascension. This is the path of selfless devotion to one’s fellow men and to God. Students embarking upon this path must learn to invoke Light, transmute negative energy, and serve life selflessly and with gladness. The path of the Ascension is the path of Freedom.



«The Call of the Mother of the World»


Thousands of years ago, souls with free will left their moorings in divine purity and became enmeshed in karmic entanglements in the physical plane.
In order to fulfill their divine plan, these must return to their source.
The Mother of the World calls her children to return to their spiritual home in the Great Central Sun.




«The Garland of Freedom»


 Long is the path to victory, but great is the reward to those who complete it and win their Ascension in the light.
At the Pinnacle of overcoming, the soul will be welcomed by the Divine Mother holding the wreath of victory.
The Ascension in the Light is the true and greatest reward of life, promised by Jesus. This experience leads to a higher cycle of existence, in which the soul is invested with full Freedom and receives endless opportunities to further serve God and divine creation at a higher level. 






Description of painting prepared through the Teaching of ascended Masters by Mark L. Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet