Series of paintings «Queen of Angels»




«Queen of Angels»


Mother Mary is called the Queen of Angels, and this title is given to her in virtue of her position as Archeia of the fifth ray. The angels of the Emerald ray of healing serve under her leadership and that of her consort Archangel Raphael. When we appeal to Mother Mary, millions of angels respond to our calls. 



«Light of the Virgin Mary»


Mother Mary, who is the twin flame of Archangel Raphael serves as Archeai of the Fifth Ray.

Mary descended to Earth from the level of the Archangels to aid in the mission of Jesus, to assist in restoring the true Church, and to help and encourage her children in their return home to the heart of God.




«Angels of healing and truth»


Mother Mary and her Divine consort Raphael reign over a host of angels of the fifth ray.

The retreat of Archangel Raphael and Mother Mary is located in the etheric plan over Fatima, Portugal.

We can call to Archangel Raphael and Archeia Mary for healing for ourselves, our loved ones, and all children of God upon the planet.



«Queen of Peace»


Blest Queen of Heaven

Great art thou!

Instruct and bless our youth and children

Enfold them with thy Presence now

Restore the mem'ry of their holy vows

from the inner planes.


(Song «Ave Maria»). 



«Holi рraye»


Mother Mary personifies the ray of the Mother and is the representative of the Mother of the World.

Prayers and appeals to the Virgin Mary have become a tradition around the world. Many of these entreaties call upon her position in hierarchy and her role as the Divine Intercessor.



«The Call» 


It is possible to avert many troubles and burdens by calling upon the intercession of Mother Mary, and it is very important to learn to do so.

Through contact with Mother Mary one gains access to the mantle of the Cosmic Virgin.




«Virgin Mary, Guardian of the Earth»


Thanks to the intercession of Mother Mary, the people of Earth can avoid many troubles, and it is important not to neglect to call upon her assistance both for individual and planetary issues.




«Rosary. Roses for faithful one»


Since Her ascension, Mother Mary has often appeared to people around the world.

One of the greatest gifts she has given to those who believe on her is the Rosary, a ritual of prayers in which the giving of the “Our Father” and “Hail, Mary” are alternated with readings from the New Testament.

The initial line of the prayer «Hail, Mary» means «Homage to the Mother Ray». By giving this fiat we are invoking and praising the Mother Flame in every part of Life.The giving of the rosary helps to unlock the full potential of one’s soul. In virtue of this practice and their devotion to Mary’s heart, people have been propelled on their path of re-unification with Father-Mother God.




«The Good News»


The following version of the «Hail, Mary» has been given by Mother Mary for the Aquarian age:


Hail Mary full of grace!

The Lord is with thee.

Blessed art thou among women

And blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus

Holy Mary, Mother of God,

Pray for us,  sons and daughters of God,

Now at the hour of our victory

Over sin, disease and death.




   «Immaculate Heart»


    Through contact with Mother Mary one gains access to the mantle of the Cosmic Virgin. 



«Internal renunciation»



It is possible to avert many troubles and burdens by calling upon the intercession of Mother Mary, and it is very important to learn to do so.



«Mother's blessing»


O beautiful Mother

On this day we give thee our love.

Near thee, Madonna, fondly we hover

Trusting thy gentle care to prove.

On this day we ask to share

Dearest Mother, thy sweet care.

Aid us ere our feet astray

Wander from thy guiding way.


(Song «On this day, o beautiful Mother»)



«Bearing Happiness»


Mother Mary the Queen of the World comes to visit the people to help guide them to God.





Mother Mary comes to all who feel burdened with the hardships of life, and helps the children of God to bear the cross of their own karma and of world condemnation. She sees the Christ in every soul and holds the immaculate concept of each one’s God-potential.





Mother Mary does not judge people for their mistakes, which they make in ignorance of true laws of God. All who call to her and ask for help receive the love of her compassionate heart.



«The тime of grace»


Mother Mary walks the Earth in this blessed time, carrying to her all aspiring souls; Love and Strength, Health and Joy.



«Carrier of Light»


Being of sanctity

Flower of immortality

Revered thy flame of consecration

O Mary, hallow'd is thy name

Your soul a symphony, holy and pure

to the Christ in man.


(Song «Ave Maria»)



«The Gift of Faith»


O Father, bless her for her faith in thee

Expand her holy mantle of Light

Inspire the great, magnificent concept

The image lovely, so gentle and mild

Born of Divinity.


(Song «Ave Maria»)



«Blessed one» 


The Mother Mary walks the Earth. She searches for her children, and attempts to save them from their burdens and lead them in their return to the heart of the Father.



«The Way of Salvation»


Holy Madonna

Pure in soul and mind

We bow to the Light you bore the earth

The Christ who enters each heart to raise

All to love, the goal of self-mastery-

the path of great worth.


(Song «Ave Maria»)


«The Way to Heaven»


Let the love of Mary then
             Be the wings to raise all men.

Until they all unite in Love

To serve that purpose from above

That comes to earth at any hour

Responding to the call of Power;

Send thy shining Wisdom then

That is God's love

Expanded for all men.


(«Prayers, Meditations, Dynamic Decrees for the Coming Revolution in Higher Consciousness» 0.06 ).


«Blessed  Mary»


 O Mother of the World, we are thy flames

Our holy God-design we claim

Rejoice, rejoice, O heavenly powers

For earth does seek thee, the God Star our aim

Victory in God's name.


(Song «Ave Maria»)



Description of paintings  prepared through the Teaching of ascended Masters by

Mark L. Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet.