Series of paintings «Teachers of Humanity»


«Hierarchs of Venera»

 Sanat Kumara and Lady Master Venus are hierarchs of the planet Venus.

Many thousands of years ago, Sanat Kumara came to Earth to save our planet from destruction. During these times, the Earth was on the verge of destruction because of the people’s refusal to be the temple of God.

Everyone upon Earth lived without an animating inner Light.

Sanat Kumara, the Hierarch of the planet Venus, then made the decision to come to Earth in physical embodiment as the Guru, in order to maintain the balance and keep the flame of life on behalf of its evolutions, until it again kindled in the hearts of the people.



«Gautama Buddha»

Gautama Buddha , the founder of Buddhism, currently occupies the high position of Lord of the World.

As such, hesupports  the threefold flame (the spark of God in the heart) for those people who have lost touch with their Higher Selves, and are unable to magnetize enough light to sustain their lives.

Under His leadership, the members of the Hierarchy of Earth step down divine energy so that it can be assimilated by the people that inhabit the planet.



 «Lord Maitreya»

Lord Maitreya serves in the position of Cosmic Christ and Planetary Buddha. He serves under Gautama, directing the ministry of World Teachers.

Maitreya is worshiped in Tibet, Mongolia, China and throughout  Asia. He is revered as the Buddha of the Future.

In the Bible he is called by the name Lord. <<check this – many references especially in old testament are more directly to Sanat Kumara I think, although Jesus refered to him as Father>>

The Garden of Eden as described in the book of Genesis existed in the ancient continent of Lemuria.

The so-called Mystery School was founded by Lord Maitrey



«John the Baptist»


John the Baptist was chosen by God to prepare the way of the Lord.

The New Testament states: "The law and the prophets were until John; since that time the kingdom of God is preached, and every man presseth into it. "(Luke 16:16)

Prior to the coming of John the Baptist the Earth was in the two thousand year cycle, ruled by the law and the Prophets. But with the beginning of the age of Pisces, which was marked by the arrival of John the Baptist and Jesus Christ, people were given the good news of Christ living in their hearts: "Neither shall they say, Lo here! or Lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you" (Luke 17:21).



«Hierarchs of Pisces Age»


For two thousand years (until 2003) Jesus Christ served as hierarch of the Piscean age, the representative of God the Father (Alpha) on the Earth.

Mother Mary served as the representative of the Mother of the World (Omega) – the archetypal Divine Mother for the Earth.

All the while, Jesus Christ and Mother Mary were present on the planet in the etheric realm, guiding the souls of men. Thanks in no small part to their mission, many people lived in accordance with Christian precepts.

Twin flame of Jesus was embodied as Mary Magdalene during Jesus’ physical incarnation in Palestine. In the twentieth century she made her ascension and is now known as the Ascended Master Magda.




«Jesus Christ»


Jesus promised: "Until now, I have talked to you in parables, but the time is coming when I will declare the Father’s words to you directly."

That time has now come, and the teachings of Jesus are available to all people through the work of the messengers of the Great White Brotherhood Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet. Through His two witnesses, Jesus declares the laws of God to all who have ears to hear.



«The coming of Jesus»


Christ, raise me to self-mastery,

The living passion of the free.

Determination, now arise

And lift me ever to the skies!


At the end of the age of Pisces, the savior appeared again so that all of the lost lambs of God may be able to find a link to their Higher Selves.

To do this, you must kneel before the light in the heart of Jesus, in order to merge with him and allow his light into your own heart. This is the second coming of Jesus Christ.



«Jesus' Rays of Light»


O blessed Jesus, Master dear,

Send thy Ray of Healing here;

Fill me with thy Life above,

Raise me in thine arms of Love!



«El Morya»


The Himalayan Master Morya became known to the world in the nineteenth century thanks to the Theosophical Society.

Master Morya made his ascension in the late nineteenth century. Students call Him El Morya. (The Hebre title "El" means "Lord"). In 1958, El Morya founded The Summit Lighthouse in Washington through Mark L. Prophet to publish the Teachings of the Ascended Masters.

In virtue of his great mastery on the Path of God's Will, El Morya currently serves as Chohan (Lord) of the blue ray of God-power.





The Himalayan Mahatma KH has also become known in the West thanks to the work of the Theosophical Society.

Kuthumi (KH), Morya and Djwhal Khul are the master who sponsored that activity. They strove to introduce mankind to an understanding of hierarchy and the laws of God.

At the end of his final incarnation in the late nineteenth century, Kuthumi made his ascension.

Today the Ascended Master Kuthumi shares the position of the World Teacher with Jesus Christ. Together they direct lightbearers on the Path of Initiation.



«Hierarchs of the Aquarius Age»


Saint-Germain and Portia, as the Father and Mother of the coming Golden Age, have applied all their strength to lay its foundation. Thanks to their efforts, humanity has received the gift of the Violet Flame of Freedom.

They are teaching  mankind how to use the Violet Flame, overcome their limitations and transmute all imperfection within themselves.

Saint-Germain has served as the God of Freedom for this system of the worlds and is a defender of individual freedom for all.

The Ascended Lady Master Portia, Goddess of Justice and Opportunity, has served in the Karmic Board and kept the flame of justice and opportunity on behalf of humanity.



«Paul the Venetian»


The Ascended Master Paul the Venetian serves on the pink ray of Divine Love. 

In the hierarchy of the Earth, he serves as Chohan of the Ray of Love.

Supporting the development of the culture of the Divine Mother in the Aquarian age, he calls for the cooperation of all who wish to contribute to this great undertaking.

In the classrooms of His etheric retreat called the Chateau de Liberte over southern France, he  educates all who seek to bring forth divine art, literature, drama, architecture, painting and music.



«Lord Lanto»


The Ascended Master Lanto serves God and humanity on the golden Ray of Wisdom.

He came many thousands of years ago with Sanat Kumara from Venus to save the Earth.

In the twelth century BC, he was incarnated in ancient China as Duke Zhou, known as the Yellow Emperor.

Lord Lanto, who taught the path of enlightenment in ancient China, now serves as Chohan of the Ray of Wisdom.




«Rey-О-Light, Flame of Fearlessness»


The Ascended Master Ray-O-Light focuses the flame of courage, which is a piercing white light with a touch of emerald green.

Ray-O-Light and his angels will come to our aid when we call them. The fearlessness flame can consume all doubt, fear and consciousness of death in our forcefield.

It is important to transmute fear and other negative qualities, because they can act to attract trouble.  To do this, imagine yourself surrounded by that flame, and call upon the name of Christ, that it dissolve all the negative energy.



Description of paintings prepared through the Teaching of ascended Masters

by Mark L. Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet.