Series of paintings «Unity with Nature»   


The Series of paintings «Unity with Nature» portrays the kingdom of the nature spirits called Elementals. The highest beings in this kingdom are the builders of the form, known as the Elohim.  
The Elohim came into being in the very beginning and played a key role in the subsequent creation of the physical cosmos.

Under the guidance of the Elohim are found the hierarchs of the four elements. Under these hierarchs in turn serve the salamanders, sylphs, undines and gnomes, who work in conjunction with the four elements of the kingdoms of nature - fire, air, water and earth.




"Angel Deva"


   Angel Devas work directly with the elementals. Their mission is to create the thoughtforms on the matrix of which the elementals work to create tangible form.

    Their creativity in bringing forth matrices of divine manifestation is unlimited, as is attested to in the great diversity and constant evolution we witness in the natural world.

   Golden Age scientists can access the inspiration of Angel Devas and bring forth creations of great beauty and power by working in harmony with the beings of the Elemental Plane of the planet.

    We offer huge gratitude to Angel Devas for the beauty they bring into the world, and the utility and purity of our planet’s food supply and the other blessings of nature.








     Gnomes are the elementals that serve on the earth plane. They maintain a balance of natural forces on the planet and work tirelessly to maintain natural harmony so that the daily needs of all living things can be met. They cleanse the planet from pollution and care for the cycles of the seasons.

    The hierarchs of the earth plane are the powerful Cosmic Beings Virgo and Pelleur. 

    They abide at the core of the Earth, and direct light from their hearts to all living things.

     Virgo and Pelleur train people to master the earth plane and their own physical bodies.

     Elementals generally like people, and often aspire to be like them. They are impressionable and susceptible to being led astray when people provide poor examples through their behavior and attitudes. They like to communicate and are very happy when people are able to see them and talk to them. They also tend to be very loyal.

"Dancing Sylphs"


   Air elementals, or sylphs, are beings with transcendent bodies that shine with a pearly white light. They are carriers of prana, which is the energy of the Holy Spirit that is breathed by the soul.

    Governing the sylphs and the air plane are the hierarches Aries and Thor. These great beings transmit streams of Holy Spirit from heaven to Earth, and act to direct the flow of the ideations of the mind of God into the planet and the minds of its people.

    Under the direction of their hierarches, the sylphs control air currents, winds, atmospheric conditions and cloud formation. They work to cleanse the air from pollution and maintain its level of oxygen.

    It is easy to come into contact with the beings of the air element if one learns to call to them. We need to trust them, thanking them for their service to life. If we fail to do so, we cut ourselves off from the current of the Holy Spirit that is the very flow of life.

"Dance of the fiery Salamanders"


     Salamanders are the coordinators of the Sacred Fire in man and nature.

They saturate all of the manifestations of divine energy that are necessary to sustain life on Earth.

    Their bodies consist of liquid flame and are not confined to a particular size. They are able to increase their stature up to 3 metres, and reduce it as far as a few centimeters.

    Salamanders have great power and direct the flow of the Sacred Fire into the world of form. It is not necessary to physically see them in order to communicate with them, as the language of communication is the fire of our hearts.

   Burning their light right through our bodies upon our request, salamanders can cleanse these bodies from their poisons and imperfection. All wicked thoughts, desires, passions and fears, as well all other sorts of distorted energy patterns, can be thrown into the fire that they command. Through this fire our souls can pass unharmed, illuminated and happy.

   It is important to acknowledge the existence of our blessed assistants, to appreciate their service, and to be receptive to their needs and concerns.

    The salamanders serve under the direction of Prince Oromasis and Diana. These powerful Hierarchs guide humanity in mastering the element of fire and help in the purification of the etheric body and the seven chakras (spiritual centers) by adjusting the current of the flow of Light through them.



    Undines maintain equilibrium in the element of water. In myths and stories undines are often depicted as mermaids.

    Undines control the balance of life in the water element. They are responsible for tides, groundwater and precipitation. They are also responsible for the cleansing of water in all of nature, including our physical bodies. 

   Neptune and Luara are the hierarchs of the water element and reign over the undines.

"Round dance of the Fairies"


   Earth elementals called fairies are tiny transcendent creatures that shine with a green light. They have also been known as forest nymphs.

    Fairies are responsible for the colors of nature. With their loving hands they help in the growth of forests and gardens. Fairies take care of every flower and blade of grass. Under the leadership of Angel Devas, they create different herbs and plants. Fairies are very loyal to humans and eagerly answer their pleas.

      Earth elementals surround humanity with the beauty of nature. Only through love could the perfection of nature have been created, and only by the power of love can it be sustained. In order to be truly happy, man must learn to live in love and harmony with angels, elementals and himself.



   The Eternal Mother appears in all of her beauty and glory throughout the four seasons.

     In spring the divine mother in the guise of a gentle young maiden shrouded in spirals of Resurrection Fire imparts upon those with sufficient sensitivity of heart a sense of the renewal of Life. With spring comes the awakening of life and the revival of creative Energy.



   In the summer the Divine Mother in nature shines out in all of her glory.

   Inexpressibly beautiful in the splendor of the flowering of life, she walks through the meadows and forests, bringing joy to all living creatures. 

   Realizing that everything on Earth is the body of the Divine Mother, a person learns to carefully relate to every part of life, and to desist from fighting with nature for his personal gain. In sending love to all living things, he feels the response of the Divine Mother through the natural world.



   Autumn showcases the abundance of the Divine Mother through the harvest.

    The harvest also symbolizes the transmission of the ideas born in the consciousness of the Mother of the World for the blessing of life. 

    In coming to see himself as an employee of Nature, a person will learn to understand that she is his best friend, and will feel the love of the Divine Mother shining through it.



   The Earth is the body of the Divine Mother, and everything upon is an embodiment of the Feminine Ray.

    The Invisible Mother expresses herself trough visible form. 

    In the winter the Divine Mother, enveloped in a snowy white blanket of purity, calls the children of God to enter within. There, inside their hearts, she smiles with her most gentle smile.

The Eternal Divine Mother appears in all of her beauty and glory throughout the four seasons.


Description of the paintings is based on the Ascended Master Teachings as delivered through the messengers of the Great White Brotherhood, Mark L. Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet.